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How do you feel about the color black and the rainbow? (for science)

A couple of years back, some friends at church noticed that I wore a lot of black, and they proceeded to tease me with insults like “emo” and “goth.” So just to spite them and my mother, near about every single one of my outfits since then has had some degree of black in it. In other words, black is my soul color.

The rainbow’s pretty cool, too—especially when I’m tasting it.

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christielaing_official: Into the woods we go.
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Inbox me (1) thing you want to know about me.



"In this case Henry, I’m afraid it may be something you’re just too young to understand."
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Right where you left it.

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this feeling calls for everything i can’t afford


outlaw queen meme: [8/8] anything → full body shots

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